About Us

It’s taken almost one hundred years, but Evanston can once again call itself home to a Temperance movement. But this time there’s beer. In fact, this one is all about the beer. Aside from that tiny detail, Temperance has always been about making life better in ways big and small. We think that’s a worthy goal, and one that only comes about by being open to the possibilities. It’s something we think about with the beers we brew and the things we do. (And when you join us, you will too.)

Welcome to a new Temperance movement.

Temperance Beer Company.


Josh Gilbert


You may not think the journey from architect to brewery founder would be a straight line, but it made perfect sense to Josh. Tired of never-ending projects, real estate bubbles, and low pay, he traded in his blueprints for never-ending recipe conversations, intoxicating bubbles, and low pay. Josh dreamed of brewing his own beer since college but somehow never found the time (until the housing market made time). He enjoys life best when sharing what he enjoys best in life, whether seasonal mixtapes, charcuterie, mixed drinks, or now beer. And Evanston, the city where Josh grew up, was an ideal place to launch a new kind of Temperance Movement. Yes, one with beer.





Claudia Jendron


Claudia gave up living on the beach as a marine biologist to chase her love of beer. Like her grandfather before her, Claudia started as a home brewer, so technically beer is in her genes. And these days it’s in her hair, clothes, boots (you get the picture). After leaving marine biology, Claudia brought her knowledge of South Carolina tidal inlets, oysters, and sturgeon to Goose Island, where she got her start in commercial brewing, barrel-filling, and cellaring. Countless 14-hour days later, Claudia is running brewery operations at Temperance. In developing our beers, her goal is to explore the possibilities and potential of each hop variety, yeast strain, malt, and unexpected additions to make each time out with Temperance beer one you’ll remember and appreciate.